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Chinese Injection Mold maker, china Plastic molding Manufacturer | Triple-c Mold

Plastic Mold Maker in China

We are a Chinese plastic mold (mould in English) maker in Shanghai.

Newest Partnerships

C3 ( Triple-c limited HK) develops, engineers and manufacturers molds for custom made plastics parts, components and products. 
Besides making molds, we love to inject thermoplastics on location in Shanghai or Yuyao, both city’s are on mainland China

Our newest partnership is for a custom window and siding manufacturer in the Milwaukee and Chicago area. These custom made injection moulded parts provide high quality windows and siding for residential and commercial buildings. Reach out to Window Concepts, your local window contractor, for custom parts for your next home improvement project.

Mold shop

In our tool and molding shop high quality molds are made for your custom designed product or components. We distinguish two type of moulds making:
1> Moulds for your production facility. We consult and design according your specifications and wishes. Later on, after testing and your acceptance of the samples, these will be exported to your country. Not an unique services but we have a good reputation regarding so called export molds..
2> Moulds for our own injection machines. We design according our machine specifications, We test and inject on our own injection molding machines or equipment.

Our quotation process for your custom made products :

  1. Send us your 3d CAD files of your products, (in IGES or STP file-format ) , Please, mention also your quantity per order and the expected years of mass manufacturing ..texture, color and printing. All thes factors do have a price influence, It’s important you will think about that.. .
  2. We determine the most economical way of production ( such as the no. of cavities and or family moulds.) and a price in USD or EURO.
  3. if you accept our delivery- and price terms we start the design process of the mould.

Hereunder you see a movie of products we have made in the past:you can also check our other website: our new injection molding companies in china website so if you are interesting in ordering plastic injection molds from china from triple-c!

If you have an inquiry or you wish more information about our way of working please send an email

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