About Us

Our company is set up by a partnership of A Chinese mould engineer and an industrial designer ( ex- Philips)

The injection molding company is set up in 1997 before many economic bubbles. We survived a lot of economic storms due to our commitment to our customer wishes and high level of quality.

Our Experience

Our experience lies in the field of tool making for precision plastics ( think of worm wheels gears), Moulds for export but also for our own production. Mass manufacturing or small low volume parts it doesn’t matter.

Even for single parts we have a solution: rapid prototyping, actually we always recommend to make a prototypes before we start tooling. for small volumes under the 50 sets we have the vacuum casting technology , where we will make soft silicone moulds.

Usually our moulds for export are build up according your wishes and made of hardened steel for mass manufacturing of plastic parts.

According your annual parts quantities we will calculate the optimum of cavities for your own productions, Important decisions like a hotrunner or coldrunner will be take into account.

We have several mold steel standards and qualities; Our tooling department can be divided in 2 main divisions: export tooling and tooling for our own manufacturing at our factory.

We serve and have served different kind of markets such as :

  • Custom Windows and Siding
  • Toy Industry
  • Electonrics Industry
  • Furniture