Our Toolmaker In China

This department can be characterized by one word: craftsmanship. With the utmost precision (tolerance 5 m) our molds are made which are necessary in order to be able to do injection molding Thermoplastics

Each die is a unique quality tool. The molds are made from high quality steel. The optimally equipped Tooling has access to include CNC milling machines (including a 5-axis machine), lathes, grinders, drills, tapping machines, EDM machine, engraving machines. Through the draft program ACAD molds are designed using the CAM module Hypermill, the computers connected to the CNC Machines.

The six very experienced mold makers who are working with triple-c tooling and molding employs are experienced in both the precision and craftsmanship with computer controlled machines ( cnc machining)

They built so already molds for advanced technical components such as car parst for Audi and BMW.

It also works together with a mold maker in china , under full supervision constructs Plastic molds that meet the high quality standards set by us. In this way, in an advantageous manner, made ​​high-quality molds, designed from the perspective of the moulder. By triple-c Plastic involve as early as possible in the design of your product, it comes at a later stage not to stand during production. Unexpected problems

At the time when the molds in the Europe any adjustments to molds can be realized in our own die. Within no time